Pain Behind Knee

Symptoms of Pain Behind Knee

Symptoms of Pain Behind Knee

Symptoms of Pain Behind Knee

Pain behind knee can be happening for a lot of reasons. If you are experiencing pain, it is a clear symptom that something is up with some portion of the knee. It is important to understand the exact location of the pain, while using that information to extrapolate and find out what is its source. There is always a challenge with every symptom. That is to identify what is a casual pain that is only a random occurrence and an actual symptom of a major ligament tear, cartilage deterioration in the knee.

One easy way of differentiating between the causal pain and an actual symptom is to understand its occurrence pattern. If the pain makes its presence felt only occasionally, then it is not a symptom of any major knee problem. Possibly the knee hit the car door and that is causing the pain. Such instances of pain will subside in a few minutes and completely vanish in an hour or so. The other kind of pain, a symptom of a major knee problem, will make its presence felt regularly.

There is also the matter of escalation. If you notice pain evolving from a single point of origin and spreading its wings around its source, it is time to visit the doctor. For instance, consider the situation where the ligament is torn during some sport activity. There are three different locations in your knee where ligament can experience tearing. Depending on the location and intensity of this tear, you will only experience a barely audible pain on the first day.

In the following days, as the ligament tear spreads due to swelling, the pain will also become louder until it reaches a point where you are unable to move your leg. You will find it impossible to do anything without feeling a pinch in your knee. Anytime you notice a pain that has gone into a higher degree of pain behind knee overnight, you can be sure that it means there is a potential knee injury in the making. That is the symptom about torn ligament.

There is another kind of symptom that takes a different route. When you are resting and not using your knees, you don’t experience any pain. It’s like there is nothing wrong with the knee. When you make a particular motion involving the knee like getting up after sitting in a chair for a while, causes pain. The pain only lasts for a few seconds, sometimes even a fraction of second and vanishes. You may barely notice this.

Related to this symptom, you don’t get any pain with every routine but do experience something if you were to do something that can be considered heavy duty. An example could be taking the stairs instead of lift or carrying a heavy backpack. These symptoms indicate that your cartilage is no longer as strong as it should be. Its main purpose is to cushion the impact of weight and force and if you are experiencing pain only on certain activities, consult with your doctor.

Seeing how, all untreated knee injuries eventually end up as knee replacement surgeries, identifying these symptoms takes priority. Discuss the symptoms of pain behind knee with a doctor and you just might end up solving your knee problems with simple alterations in life-style.