Knee Brace

What Is Knee Brace? What Are Its Types?

Knee brace is a device that you use when your knee is recovering from some kind of injury or knee replacement surgery because of that injury. Obviously, knee braces are to be used in the worst of situations and aren’t required in all scenarios. Now that we know why these braces are used, let’s try and understand what these amazing medical braces do that makes them so effective. To understand the braces utility, it is easier to start my deciphering the effects that knee issues bring with them.

For starters, these problems range from tissue tearing to cartilage malfunction. Sometimes there is tissue that needs to be repaired while other times, an entire cartilage muscle has to be replaced with implants. When these activities are being performed to fix the problem, the knee is in a precarious situation. It has to be protected from accidental movements that might harm the recuperating process.

Consider a simple example. Let’s say that a person has suffered ligament tearing and a minor surgery has been performed to fix it. While the surgery takes its effect and heals, it will be desirable that the knee is not moved, by design or by accident. No matter how careful a person is, he might forget about the recovery happening in his knees and end up moving his knees. That will be the worst thing to happen because for all you know, the ligament was in its final stages of being fixed. Thanks to a sudden movement, all that recovery is gone. We can’t have such scenarios happening.

That in essence is what these knee braces do. They provide the necessary support to the knee muscles, joint and the upper and lower leg bones. They also ensure that the leg is always kept in a way that will not come in the way of the recuperation, post-surgery.

So far we have explained a variety of different scenarios where knee braces are needed. Just like there are so many reasons to wear braces, there is a different type of brace available for each scenario. The first brace that we want you to know is the braces that are attached after a knee replacement surgery has been done. These braces are explicitly designed to allow motion of the leg to the extent that the surgery would allow. Like most braces, they are light in weight and are easy to wear and remove. Some folks might find it uncomfortable, especially the ones that have been assigned a completely immobile leg brace.

Another type of brace, which is a lot less restrictive than the post-surgery brace is the functional brace for arthritis. Arthritis is when the cartilage has gone weak due to many reasons, mainly age. These braces compensate for the lack of energy in the existing cartilage. Usually, these braces are recommended as an alternative to knee replacement surgery. There are also braces that are designed to help folks who have torn their ligament, something which happens with alarming frequency sports-persons. Of course, the success rate of braces in fixing a problem depends on so many factors.